November 2019 Edition
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World Mental Health Day: Why opening up is important

October 10, 2019 | 11:58 IST | Editorial |

We live in a world where people go through different problems. While we address the physical problems because it is all out there, we normally forget about our mental health and the importance of it.

The society plays a major role in everything. Every time you mock someone, you are not sure what the others are going through because of your words. At times, people are vulnerable, and the words hurt too. Not many understand what it takes to survive bullying and other things.

Battling depression isn’t a joke, so is the anxiety and the other mental issues. They are all bigger than you think and your advice of “everything will be alright” or “there is so much in life to see” is not going to help the people. What can you do then?

Well, listen. Listen to what people want to tell you. What they share to you, and don’t judge them based on the information they shared. Try to understand their problem in their shoes.

For most people, they know the solution for what they are going through, but it is just that they want to rant. Allow them to. You don’t have to give your opinion as well.

We must create awareness about the mental health to the youngsters who are already facing it, thanks to the exposure they have these days, yet doesn’t dare to speak up.

Every single person around you is fighting something which is not visible, and it is important for us all to acknowledge it by being kind to one another. This is the least you can do in helping the people out there.

In case, you are going through something, find the right person to open up, and you definitely will feel better. If you are not feeling so, there is no wrong in asking for help or meeting a therapist. At times, your therapist knows better.

Let us make this world a better place to live in by caring for one another.