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Why you should catch the movie ‘House Owner’!

June 27, 2019 | 12:59 IST | Celebrity Interview, CineBuzz |

We don’t see a lot of good movies these days. Movies that connects you, and the characters that live with you.

Get ready for an emotional ride through the eyes of the lead characters, witness and relive some of the heartwarming moments we had during the 2015 Chennai Floods where the rains washed away the caste and religion and only the humanity stayed.

Lakshmy Ramakrishnan we know is a bold lady and an inspiration to all of us, but once she wears that director’s hat, she comes up with something else, something else you call it as the ‘Big Heart’. Be it Aarohanam or Ammani she had stories to tell and the stories were heart-warming.

House Owner isn’t different either. While Ghibran sets up the right tone, the movie is produced by Gopalakrishnan Ramakrishnan, and stars Kishore DS of Pasanga Fame, Lovelyn, Kishore and Sriranjini.

More than us talking about the movie, This is what the director herself wants to share to us all.

While the movie releases on 28th of June, the press and the media have already watched the preview show, and the movie has garnered positive reviews from every single reviewer. We are sure that the movie will do well in theatres.

All the best, team.