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When Kajol fell on sets and everyone laughed!

February 12, 2020 | 18:20 IST | CineBuzz |

Kajol who has given us multiple hits while joining hands with her friend Karan Johar, recently revealed that she falls down on the sets of almost every single movie and the Karan Johar loves it and thinks that it is a lucky charm.

During the shoot of ‘My Name Is Khan’ which by the way turns ten today, Kajol had a fall and it got the entire crew laughing for five minutes and they even greeted each other.

When asked how Karan Johar has always jokingly connected her falling down on his film’s sets with his film’s good luck, Kajol said: “It happened with this one (My Name Is Khan) too, nobody came forward to help me because as I fell down, everyone was laughing and congratulating each other.”
“I was sitting on the steps all by myself after falling down and after five minutes, Mickey Contractor (make-up artist) was like, ‘Baby, I’ll help you.’ I replied, ‘Don’t you think that it’s nasty, that for five minutes you all were clapping your hands while I fell down on my butt?” added Kajol.

Undoubtedly, one of the best performances of both Shahrukh Khan and Kajol, My Name is Khan is one of the biggest hits and it garnered multiple awards.