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Vishagan: Dhanush helped me to talk to Rajinikanth about marriage

April 19, 2019 | 18:11 IST | Celebrity Interview, CineBuzz |

Two months into their marriage and six months into the relationship, Soundarya Rajinikanth and Vishagan are a happy couple.

Recently, Soundarya revealed that it was an arranged marriage and complete details about how it all happened.

The filmmaker now has told an online website about who helped her convince her father Rajinikanth about getting married to Vishagan.

She said: We are two practical and realistic people. We decided that this was the right thing to do. Before Vishagan could meet my dad, I wanted Dhanush and my sister to interview Vishagan. And for me, it was like a reassurance. However, they got along with each other better than me. I am blessed beyond words to have three beautiful men in my life. We both have been through a lot and life has not been easy, but we had the ability to move on.”

Vishagan added: Dhanush prepared me before I visited my father-in-law. He said that everything would be overwhelming. He asked me to be cool and composed while asking for his daughter’s hand.