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Veteran director Mani Ratnam hospitalised?

June 17, 2019 | 18:10 IST | CineBuzz, Editorial |

The veteran Director Mani Ratnam made headlines today as he was seen visiting the hospital. The fans started to worry as the media projected the news as cardiac arrest.

Ruling out all the rumours, Ratnam’s publicist Nikhil Murugan tweeted that “After a routine check-up, Mani Ratnam sir back to the office with his routine work. All is well.”

Another source close to Ratnam told IANS that there was nothing to worry.

“It’s his yearly health check-up. Before he starts shooting, he usually checks in to make sure everything is alright. He is absolutely fine and he went in for a routine check-up earlier today,” the source said.

Ratnam, who is gearing up to commence work on his next project, last had his annual health check-up in July 2018.

However, the “Roja” filmmaker had heart-related complications on the sets of “Yuva” in 2004. He has been under medical supervision since then.

Ratnam is all set to begin work on a cinematic adaptation of Ponniyin Selvan which revolves around the kingdom of Raja Raja Cholan.