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Throwback: Sridevi talks about her secret behind youthful looks!

August 13, 2019 | 11:04 IST | CineBuzz |

Here is a throwback interview of the late actress where she talks about her youthful looks.

Today you’ve evolved into a stunning ageless woman. What is the secret of your youthful looks?

Well, you know, it is not just about eating and exercising properly. It’s about being happy from within. I’ve always believed that your state of mind determines how you look. That’s why I choose to be happy from within. Agar aap andar se khush nahin ho to kitna bhi makeup laga lo gym chale jao woh dukh nazar aayega (if you are not happy from within no amount of makup and gyming can help).

Having said that, what is your daily routine?

I lead a very, very disciplined life. In fact, my husband Boneyji sometimes pulls my leg saying, ‘Tu toh sadhu hai’.

Boney tells me he eats enough for both of you?

(Laughs) Ignore him. He is just joking. In fact, when we go out for dinner he orders for me because he knows exactly what I will eat.

Don’t you cheat eat at all?

Oh, I do. Sometimes both Boneyji and I go crazy over ice-cream, caramel custard and tiramisu. We both have a sweet tooth. Of course I indulge myself sometimes…One has to. Otherwise, one will go mad. But the next day, I balance it out with extra exercise. I also burn it out for him.

I heard Boney telling you to say that…

(Laughs uproariously) Yes, he wants the world to know I control his diet.

Lovely, isn’t?

Courtesy: Bollywood Hungama