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This video of Samantha lifting weights at the gym goes viral!

May 25, 2019 | 13:36 IST | CineBuzz |

Actress Samantha who has been a part of many blockbusters know how to keep herself busy. No matter what, she never gives up on her fitness regime and she hits the gym regularly and she does shares the videos of her workouts every now and then, giving us “goals”.

Recently, Samantha gave fans a sneak peek into her intense workout session. In the clip, a focused Samantha could be seen lifting some heavyweights as she geared to squat it out.

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Here’s a bit if fitness motivation from @samantharuthprabhuoffl on a dry Saturday! #Samantha #Samanthaakkineni #gym #fitness #goals #squat #Weightlifting #Gymlove #fitnessgirl #fitnessmotivation #motivation #inspiration #cinema

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In the past, Samantha Akkineni opened on the secret behind her toned body and fit lifestyle. She said, “I do a lot of weights and I burn a lot of energies with those. I definitely have my protein shake which is vegan and I love that and a snack or so, or eggs or peanut butter. The one thing we all tend to ignore that’s the worst part. Because when you aren’t hydrated, it shows on your skin and lips and your energy levels. Drinking water is the most important thing.”

She added, “I still struggle to get to the gym. It’s something that you know, well as an actor, you’re forced to go to the gym, but when you see the results and when you know the high of after it’s done, the adrenaline rush, it makes you happy. You are organized and you have that time and it’s for yourself and it becomes therapy.”