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This handbag help you to call a uber or find your phone!

June 18, 2019 | 16:56 IST | Fashion |

With ever rising competition in the bag sector, the companies are coming forward with new ideas that can attract customers. One such company has come up with an idea of introducing a button on the bags that will help the users in calling a uber or finding their phone just by clicking the button.

Bee & Kin, started by Hummel, has come up with the idea.

Before working out on the bag, Hummel spoke to a number of women about what they need from the button. While a few said that they find it difficult to search for the keys at the night, many loved the idea of calling the Uber and finding the phone.

The aesthetic of the bags will draw in some customers. But others will be intrigued by the “smart button,” which comes in most bags. Bee & Kin uses a system designed by a Swedish company called Flic. An app lets you program the button to do various things, like find your phone, text your location to a predetermined person, start a playlist, send a pre-written email, or even order an UberX. “We wanted to make the technology as flexible as possible, because we realized women have very different needs,” Hummel says. “Our goal was to allow women to customize the experience as much as possible.”

Now, imagine you are on a boring date and you are looking for a way to opt out from the date. With all pre-programming, a click is all enough to make the button call to your number. Now that nobody really knows from where the call came from, you can opt out easily.

Bee & Kin bags are available on the brand’s website. Small leather accessories start at $75, and handbags start at $500.