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The true example of hard work- Chiyaan Vikram’s most loved roles!

July 17, 2019 | 14:03 IST | CineBuzz |

It is no doubt that our Chiyaan Vikram is a true example of what hard work is. The actor is one of the most versatile actors in the industry and had portrayed a variety of roles in his long career. After making his debut in the 1990 film En Kadhal Kanmani, the actor had set a name for himself in the Industry. Vikram is known to set benchmarks in Kollywood and he is one such person who has ‘done it all’. Vikram is currently gearing up for the release of his 57th film Kadaram Kondan where he will be seen in a salt& pepper avatar for the first time in his career. Here is a look at some of the roles played by the actor that has been loved

Sethu (1999)

the 1999 film Sethu directed by Bala is a film that had changed Vikram’s career, which earlier was down and almost out. He had been in the industry for well over a decade, acted in a lot of movies, but had not achieved stardom. Sethu brought about Vikram’s resurrection. Vikram hasn’t looked back ever since. Sethu tells the story of a final-year college chairman, Sethu, who is in love with Abitha, a first-year girl. He’s a short-tempered rogue, she’s a very soft-spoken person. After much persuasion, she reciprocates his love. While day-dreaming about her, happy that she loves him too, he gets beaten up by rivals whose prostitution racket he earlier busted. They smash his head on a rock, numbing his brain. He is admitted to a mental asylum at Yerwadi which doesn’t exactly have the best sanitary conditions.  Vikram has put his heart and soul into Sethu’s character. His body language is realistic. He apparently lost a lot of weight for the Yerwadi sequences. As every debutant film When Sethu was released, it became a flop. Many walked off during the middle of the movie. But those who stayed on till the end were in for a surprise. The ending left them too shocked to even sit up and react. It was only after its initial days that Sethu became a hit. Sethu won the National Award for Best Tamil film, while Vikram earned the sobriquet ‘Chiyaan’. It was remade in Hindi as Tere Naam with Salman Khan, which also remains to be one of Khan’s best performances till date


This 2003 released flick directed by Bala remains a cult classic and a landmark film in Tamil cinema. Pithamagan, starring Suriya and Vikram was an immediate hit when it hit theaters. Director Bala’s excellently narrated story, combined with Vikram’s splendid performance at par with Hollywood’s act standards for psycho acting synchronized with maestro Ilayaraja’s music symphony. Vikram’s acting as Sitthran is remembered forever, it is also to be noted that Vikram does not have a single dialogue in the film and expresses himself only through actions. Playing the role of a caretaker of a cemetery, Vikram won his first National Award for Best Actor, while Suriya won the Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actor.  Pithamagan was highly successful in the box office in spite of Vijay’s Thirumalai which released at the same time


This 2003 film directed by Hari was box office blockbuster upon its release. The film starring Vikram, Trisha, and Vivekh in leading roles was a typical commercial success as this film had all the elements of commercial success. Vikram’s portrayal of a badass cop was a benchmark in his career and a role that is still loved by millions, the dialogue “Na Police ille, Porikki’ has cemented its place in history. Saamy was a film that had forever changed the way how people see police and had given birth to the badass police era in the Industry, The success of Saamy had gone all over India and had been remade in Telegu and Hindi.


The 2005 sci-fi thriller Anniyan had proved to be a turning point in Vikram’s career. Directed by S Shankar who had directed his eighth film had bounced back after ‘Boys’ which had not faired well in the box office. Shankar has proved his mettle in touching the craving of ordinary folks like you and me for a better deal in our society. He has maintained the trend of extraordinary feats performed by seemingly meek persons a la Kicha in Gentleman and the granddaddy in Indian. Here it is Anniyan who brandishes his own form of punishment for all the wrongdoers. This film had set Vikram on a new high as he is seen as a guy who suffers from multiple personality disorder. Vikram has come up with another astounding performance and the whole movie is shouldered by him. He had played all the three characters with such easiness and great divergence. Vikram has not let the audience down and has come up with a thumbs up performance. Whether as the simple Ambi or the marauding Anniyan, he has virtually lived the characters. His performance in the last half an hour of the movie where the alters get shifted for split seconds is something extraordinary. Anniyan had won the Filmfare award for the best film and had won the best actor award as well.

Deva Thirumagal

The 2011 film Deva Thirumagal is a film that is way past its time. This was again a film that had showcased Vikram’s acting Ability and had been put into test. ‘Deiva Thirumagal’ is an honest attempt once again by director A L Vijay. And, perhaps the need of the hour too. It’s far from the madding crowd of commercial masala films. DT is a poetical tale of love and affection between a dad and his 5-year-old daughter who is the center of his life. He may be a mentally challenged person to the world but he is after all her dad.   Vikram’s performance in ‘Deiva Thirumagal’, had won the hearts of millions. If the movie works, it is only because of his brilliant performance as a person with limited mental capabilities, who wins over everyone he comes across with his innate goodness.  DT is one of the best performances by Chiyaan Vikram. Right from the first scene when he is thrown on the street till the last court sequence, he is there playing his part well. Everyone had loved Krishna. Such is Vikram’s performance as he brought out the innocence of the character well.


The 2015 film directed by Shankar was no doubt one of the most anticipated films to hit screens in 2015. The film is yet another proof of the capability of the director for whom even big or bigger won’t cut it. His latest movie is his biggest, as of now. Even though the film had not faired well at the box office It’s one of Vikram’s best performances to date Vikram had tried three different looks in the film and had undergone vigorous training and diet to get the looks right, he had also fallen ill couple of times while preparing for the role. Vikram who had played three roles in the film had nailed it in his performance and his hard work for this film was the whole highlight.