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The golden era: the ’90s kids cartoon shows

July 06, 2019 | 11:36 IST | Editorial |

It was of no doubt that the 90’s was a era for cartoons. 90’s kids have a lot to cherish about the cartoon’s that were screened and how we used to plan out Tv watching habits to catch our favourite shows. Growing up as ’90s kids, we didn’t have a lot on our plate. Except, of course watching everything that was on TV. And there was so much good stuff. Unlike the cartoons kids these days are forced to endure.  Here is a throwback to the cartoons we used to love:

Samurai Jack

The animated series followed ‘Jack’, an unnamed Samurai who after defeating the ultimate evil Aku, was sent to the dystopian future ruled by the shape-shifting demons. Each episode made us glued to the edge of our seat as Samurai Jack pursues his goal to go back in time to defeat Aku again to stop this future from ever happening. 

Powerpuff Girls

This was probably the first and one of the only cartoon of the time that started teaching us about feminism. Bubbles, Buttercup and Blossom were cute little girls who could be fierce warriors when the situation demanded.  and of course the legendary villains such as Amoeba boys and Mojo Jojo.

Johnny Bravo

Johnny Bravo was definitely the Barney Stinson of the ’90s. He will always be remembered as the boorish, muscular young man who tried to get women to date him but failed often and miserably. For most of the kids, the show was our first taste of adult humor with pop culture references. 


This was science fiction back then. The action sequences and each episode kept offering something new to all its fans. Agents Jake ‘Razor’ Clawson and Chance ‘T-Bone’ patrolling Megakat City as the SWAT Kats, defending it against all its threats. The villains which included Dark Kat, the undead sorcerer Pastmaster, the evil genius Doctor Viper, and the robotic gangsters the Metallikats. The cartoon had everything that guys love – super cars, advanced weapons, slick bikes and yes, the old school bare knuckle fights.

 Dexter’s Laboratory

This doesn’t even need an explanation. The show was so popular that even kids born after the ’90s have watched it at some point. Dexter was a genius and Dee Dee was a pain in the ass. This gave us more science information than Discovery or Nat Geo.

 Courage The Cowardly Dog

The horror-comedy series featured Courage, a pink anthropomorphic dog living with an elderly couple.  In every episode, the trio would go through a series of bizarre misadventures involving the supernatural. Courage’s signature scream was the main highlight of this show.

Scooby Doo

The show needs no introduction. The talking brown Great Dane Scooby and gang use their intelligence among other detective instincts to uncover mysteries that appear to be supernatural at first but always have a human behind them. This show used to crack mysteries in the funniest way possible.

Tom & Jerry

This cartoon is definitely evergreen. It has managed to remain a classic and has both adults and children gaga over its simplicity and happiness-inducing episodes. It had a plethora of life lessons for its viewers as it traced the cat and mouse trajectory. Friendship, madness, goofy tales, rivalry – you name it, the show had it.

 The Flinstones

This was our history class back then, the sweetest one there ever was. Although the characters use Stone Age technologies, their lives resemble the lives of 20th century urban America.  The Flinstones had the most lovable characters imaginable and appealed to our whims and fancies. Caves , dinosaurs, baby elephants and more, there was so much to love about The Flinstones. Fred Flinstone’s delightful ‘Yabadabadooo!’ remains absolutely legendary.

Popeye The Sailor Man

Probably, this cartoon was the only reason why kids back then used to eat Spinach. Popeye’s exploits involving Olive and the show’s bad guy, Brutus (Pluto), are much loved and still spoken about decades later. Each episode, Popeye finds himself in some weird situation full of adventures. 

 The Jetsons

Well, the Jetsons was a cartoon way ahead of the ‘90s – it was a cartoon set in the future. The mobile phones, skyscrapers and unmanned drones, the Jetsons knew that it all would happen, one day.  The show was very innovative and so much fun to watch, thanks to the countless number of fascinating scenarios. 

Ed, Edd n Eddy

This trio friendship was the most undisputed of all time. Watching the three best friends goofing around in the neighborhood was ‘oh so hilarious’. One just can’t deny that each episode would always leave us in splits. 

The Mask

The show adapted many elements from the movie, but dropped multiple characters and changed the persona of other characters. The show managed to keep one giggling throughout.  A laugh riot used to break out whenever the average Joe Stanley put the cursed mask on.  It’s absolutely brilliant with its absurdity and more importantly with the absurdity of its villains.