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The End of An Era: “Mahi” Way

July 11, 2019 | 11:11 IST | Editorial |

As India crash out of the world cup at the semi-final stage many have poured in their support for the team and have stood strong during the hard times. One such wave going around the whole country is that this might be Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s last match in national colors. Dhoni no doubts one of the most famous cricketers in our country and an inspiration for many upcoming cricketers. Dhoni is also considered one of the best captains the Indian team has ever had in the past years, he is also affectionately called ‘Captain Cool’ as he maintains his calm during pressure situations and doesn’t crack under pressure.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni has always been very passionate about the game and is known to be one person who loves cricket more than anything else in the world. He is one such player and captain who is known and respected as one of the best talents India has one the field.

Dhoni might be playing his last match in the national format and might be announcing his retirement from all formats. This would leave every cricket fan in India heart broken as he is one such cricketer who is glorified and worshiped in the country. He also has very special bond with the people of Chennai as he is the Captain of our very own IPL team Chennai Super kings and has expressed his love for the city on many occasions. It will be disheartening to be able to see Dhoni in the field and wait for him to unleash the ‘Dhoni’ magic.

During his tenure the player has given us many moments to cherish in International cricket as the World T20 and 2011 World Cup winning moment will never be forgotten by fans. Dhoni has also shown his leaderhsip in the IPL format as he has lead the Chennai Super Kings to victory thrice and made the team reach the final in almost every season of the tournament.

As the lion walked out of for the last time in cricket the whole country salutes this legend and owe him our love as he has made many scrifices for the nation in the field of cricket and will forever be remembered as ‘Captain cool’. This alos proves that MS Dhoni is just a name its an emotion.