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Taapsee Pannu opens up about her relationship

May 12, 2020 | 13:29 IST | CineBuzz |

Taapsee Pannu is having a great time when it comes to the professional and her personal life is looking great as well.

The actress has been dating someone for a long time now and nobody has clue about who he is. The actress was linked to the Badminton Player Mathias Boe, however, she neither rejected nor accepted the news.

Now, opening up about her relationship, she said: “I don’t want to hide anything from anyone. I’m very proud to accept the presence of someone in my life. But yes, at the same time, I wouldn’t only talk about it for the headlines because then it takes away from my credibility as an actor and what I have achieved in all these years by working hard. That I can’t afford to do.”

“There’s someone in my life and my family knows about it. It’s very important for me that my family – including my sister and my parents – they like the person who I’m with. Else it won’t work for me. I remember joking about it out that, “Agar meri mummy papa ne mana kar diya tho, I don’t think kuch ho saktha hai,” (sic) added Taapsee.

Taapsee’s mother meanwhile said, “There’s no pressure on her to get married. I do talk about it sometimes, but even I don’t believe in the institution of marriage much. So it’s upto her when she wants to do it.”