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Stress level in Bigg Boss 3 was less compared to us: Aarav

November 29, 2019 | 14:35 IST | CineBuzz |

Bigg Boss season one was a major hit and Aarav went on to win the season. Since then, he was approached by many filmmakers and Aarav was picky. Two years since the show, Aarav is all set to have his first movie release, Market Raja MBBS. 

He recently was interviewed by a website where he spoke about many things and one of them was Bigg Boss season 3. 

I followed it (Bigg Boss 3) a little. To be frank, the stress levels the contestants had was very less compared to what we had back in season one. When I discussed with the makers, they said they were worried about being too hard on them. Engalena vechu senjange. We struggled a lot. Crossing 100 days was not easy for us, neither was getting back to normal life. We actually lost 10-15 kilos when we came out. I feel that the show has changed, but still it’s a good show.

Aarav’s Market Raja MBBS released today and his next movie Raja Bheema will be hitting the screens soon as well.