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She is hungry for publicity: Robert about his relationship with Vanitha Vijaykumar

July 11, 2019 | 17:40 IST | CineBuzz |

Bigg Boss season 3 tamil has started recently and Vanitha Vijaykumar is in the news since day 1. From her personal life to her rude behaviour in the house, everything was most talked out among the audience.

Vanitha who was married to actor Akash in 2000 parted ways soon and she remarried a businessman named Anandraj in 2007, but the marriage didn’t last for long and they are legally separated now.

There were rumours that the actor is in a relationship choreographer Robert and they are living together for years now. Robert, in a recent interview, cleared it on air that it was Vanitha who spread the rumour.

Robert said, “It was Vanitha who spread the rumour to promote her film MGR Sivaji Rajini Kamal.” He also added that she is hungry for publicity and that is the reason why she joined Bigg Boss 3.

In the video, he also clarifies that he isn’t married to Vanitha and that the rumours had only created a fight between Robert and his wife. But Vanitha had convinced them saying it will only help the movie to be in the news and how fans will forget it after the movie’s release.