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Satayarup Siddhanth world’s youngest Mountaineer who climbed 7 peaks and volcano summits

January 21, 2019 | 17:57 IST | Editorial |

India surely is having an amazing start with this New Year. It is doing great and even creating histories in many fields. Sports, Economic growth, Education, and many more. Here is another story that created the world record in Mountaineering.

Satayarup Siddhanth from Kolkata made his country proud with his achievement by becoming the Youngest Mountaineer in the World to climb 7 highest peaks and 7 volcano summits.

With the InReach Satellite Communicator which he was carrying, he successfully summited Mt. Sidley at 6.28 IST at a temperature of -40 degree Celsius.

Being an asthma patient, he never stopped dreaming, in-fact he dreamed big and had the determination and will power to make it come true. Such dedication is truly an inspiration for many young mountaineers out there.

In an interview with News18, Satayrup’s Mother, she shared her happiness and thoughts,

“It’s a proud moment for the entire country. I had a word with him before the mission and asked him not to take too much of risk.”

On December 5 last year, he scaled Pico de Orizaba which is the highest volcanic peak in North America.

It is surely rightly said that true dedication and hard work will never go waste.