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Samantha’s hilarious reply to pregnancy rumours wins heart!

June 14, 2019 | 13:44 IST | CineBuzz |

It’s nothing new that the media is always curious about what’s happening in the lives of the celebrities. If two stars hang out together, the media cooks up stories about their relationship and when a couple gets married, they start rumours about being pregnant.

Samantha has been one such star who is at the receiving end of the rumours for like years now.

Recently, the actress changed her Twitter handle to “Baby Akkineni” and the media and the fans were quick enough to start the rumour as they were left puzzled.

Lesser did they know she is just promoting her next movie, Oh baby.

Samantha did not waste time saying that this was untrue. She just wrote, “Damnnn ……. is she ? When you find out please let us know.”

This hilarious reply won the hearts of many.

The actress is married to Naga Chaitanya and the pair recently starred together in the superhit movie Majili.