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Rajinikanth learnt his iconic cigarette flip from this actor?

November 13, 2019 | 15:20 IST | CineBuzz |

The king of style Rajinikanth has set a standard for himself. He has redefined style in whatever he does. Talking about the style, the way he flips his cigarette is something we all go crazy about. Even in his recent movie, 2 point 0, the Robo Chitti does it.

In an exclusive interview with India Today Group Editorial Director Raj Chengappa and Deputy Editor Amarnath K Menon, Thalaivar revealed where he learnt all those tricks with cigarettes from.

Rajinikanth started working on his ‘cigarette-style’ when he was in Bengaluru. He said, “First, Shatrughan Sinha did it in one Hindi picture. From there, I took it and I improvised.”

The superstar said that he has spent hours before the mirror practising throwing the cigarette in the air and catching it between his lips.

He said, “It is a skill but more than that, the timing is important. When you do that, you have to know between which line you should perform it. It is not about just throwing and catching. You should assess the situation and the dialogue and at what time you have to flick it.”

Rajini added how his mentor was the reason behind his style, “He identified the speed in me or whatever it is. He told me to retain it. He called it my originality and style. He advised me that people in the industry will try to change it and not to give in. And that is how my style came about.”

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