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Once a popular actor now works as a Security guard!

March 20, 2019 | 14:25 IST | CineBuzz |

We have always seen one side of Bollywood. The side that is full of glam. There is also another side to the industry where the talented actors struggle.

Twitter is taken by a storm when Filmi Companion dropped a video of Savi Sidhu. Once a popular actor, known for his roles in Patiala House, Gulaal and among others is currently working as Security Guard.

In the video, he reveals that “Anurag Kashyap mile struggle karte karte toh mujhe Paanch mei liya, unki jo pehli film thi release nahi hui. Uske baad unhone mujhe Black Friday mei liya, one of the main characters that is Commissioner Samra ka role kiya maine then unke sath maine Gulaal bhi kari. Maine Yash Raj, Subhash ji ke sath, Nikhil Advani ke sath Patiala House kari”, said Sidhu.

Savi completed his schooling from Lucknow and then he moved to Chandigarh. While doing his graduation there, he landed a modelling offer. Then he shifted back to Lucknow for a degree in law. Savi did theatre also during that time. While sharing the details of his life he also stated that he had this ‘acting ka keeda’ since childhood. “Since my brother got a job in Air India, it became easier for me to come to Mumbai. Fir jaise struggle hoti hai… maine shuri kari producers ko milna”, stated Savi.

Speaking about why things didn’t work out for him in Bollywood he said, “Kaam ki kabhi problem nahi hui. Mujhe hi chhodna pada ki mai nahi kar pa raha hoon. You know… it was like kya mere liye wait kar raha hai… yaha jaise logo ko kaam milta nahi aur mere pas itna kaam hai ki mai kaam nahi kar pa raha. Meri health problems badh rahi hain. Meri financial problems bhi badh gayi, health problems bhi badh gayi toh kaam khatam ho gaya.”

Talking about the toughest phase of his life, he stated, “Sabse tough phase wo tha when i lost my wife”. He then got to know that he lost his dad as well and then his mother also passed away and then his in-laws passed away too. Gradually he was alone. In his words, “akela hote hote alone”. He does 12 hours shift as a security guard in a housing society.

“Mere pas bus ke paise nahi hain apne director producers ko milne ke aise halat hain. Ja ke film dekhna toh mere liye dream hai abhi. Bohot filme miss kar raha hoon… dekhne ka mann karta hai par meri financial position aisi hai”, he further added.

Not losing hope, at the end he said, “They are waiting for me, mai aa raha hoon”.

This video has moved many artists including Anurag Kashyap and Rajkummar Rao who tweeted in support of him, called his journey inspiring as many of the actors at this stage would end their life but he is working hard. They have also promised to arrange for casting calls.