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Novotel-Women Empowerment

March 16, 2019 | 13:23 IST | Events |

Novotel Chennai Chamiers Road, a part of AccorHotels, has its major focus on Women Empowerment in 2019. The hotel’s vision, this year, is to improve the women workforce significantly. By empowerment, they do not mean mere numbers, but the positions and the decision-making authority of women as well. Novotel Chennai Chamiers Road currently has 14 female employees, out of which 2 employees are head of departments (HODs) and have a strong influence in decisions and major contributions in the success of the hotel.
Discussing their plans, HR Manager of NCCR, Manjula Lakshmanan says “We have come up with a vision to increase the number of women as Team Leaders and second-in-command ranks. This initiative aims to train talent for their successful career succession as the HODs or major decision-makers of the hotel.

In addition, Novotel Chennai Chamiers Road has a potential General Manager candidate to be trained for the esteemed position, thereby also bringing in overall growth and pride for AccorHotels. How do we do it? We have an exclusive women’s group called ‘RiiSE’. This group meets regularly to discuss their needs in the hotel as well as the potential for future growth in the organization.”

To ensure women’s safety and security, the hotel provides transportation services for female employees. They also have an association with creche Kanchana Paati, which makes it convenient for working moms.

Novotel Chennai Chamiers Road continuously strives to provide all the crucial needs and necessities to their female employees allowing them to focus solely on their work. This will lead to more female employees joining the organisation and more employees climbing above the glass ceiling.