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Nerkonda Paarvai Review: Ajith hits a sixer!

August 08, 2019 | 12:53 IST | Editorial |


Directed by H.Vinoth, Nerkonda Parvai is a faithful remake of Pink. Three women- Meera, Andrea and Famitha- are falsely accused by a gang who molested them. While Meera is accused of a murder, the other two are accused of prostitution and much more. How Bharath Subramanian a retired lawyer comes out of the retirement and fights for justice forms the crux of the story.


First things first, this movie offers more. In a country like ours, the number of sexual assault, rape and molestation cases are an everyday affair, the movie remains relevant and what makes it special is the actor involved in it. When a star power like Ajith delivers a content-heavy movie like this, for sure, it is going to reach more audience. Definitely, Ajith deserves applause for picking up such a plot.

Of course, there is a negative side too. This movie cannot be as perfect as Pink. Vinoth is forced to add some dialogues, songs and fight to please Ajith’s fans as well.

What is more heartening is that it is not disturbing the plot nor it is forced.

Talking about the girls, with no doubts, Shraddha Srinath kills it. She gives life to Meera, the character that is helpless but bold. Whereas, the other two girls, Abhirami and Andrea play their part well but one might find it difficult to take their eyes off Shraddha’s Meera.

Ajith, on the other hand, who plays Bharath Subramanian unleashes the actor in him, someone we always loved to see on screens. Bharath Subramanian is definitely a character that will go as one of his best.

Bharath Subramanian, who also fights depression and bipolar disorder, has a knack for details and that makes him come out of the retirement to help the girls. Ajith rules the screens and undoubtedly, there are going to ‘whistles’ every time he speaks.

Vidya Balan, like always, nails the role and competes with Ajith on a higher level. I’m not putting an idea but her role deserves a separate or at least a web series. It will be great for sure.

Vinoth has done well to keep the fans engaged. Especially, in the second half of the movie, the courtroom scenes.

On the whole, the movie stays true to its original, stays relevant to the current situation.

We already know that this movie will be a huge hit and with Ajith as the lead, things only have got better.

Once again, huge applause for Ajith. For his acting, for selecting a plot like this.