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Meet Jyothimani, the first woman lorry driver of Tamil Nadu!

June 17, 2019 | 16:37 IST | CineBuzz |

While the long lonely hours of travel isn’t enough, the stares at the pit stops make things even worse but nothing stops Jyothimani who is the lone woman driver from her place.

Jyothimani’s husband owns and drives lorry as well. Earlier, Jyothimani used to be a homemaker and they had a person to take care of the lorry since the person was not doing his job right, it ended up on a loss. So, Jyothimani started off as the driver for the same.

Her husband Gowthaman taught her how to drive the vehicle for fun and now it is helping the family well.

The couple who has two children travels to different states to deliver goods on a lorry and they receive two trips per month and each trip would give them at least ten thousand rupees.

In 2015, she was even awarded by the then-Chief Minister of India, J. Jayalalitha.

Now, Jyothimani aims to earn money to start her own travel agency.