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LKG movie Review: A clever take on current politics!

February 22, 2019 | 11:39 IST | CineBuzz |

With elections are just months away, LKG is a timely release and is like an eye opener for the young voters. To start with, the trailer of the movie showed the satirical take on the politics in the country but to add spice to it, the movie does have a Shankar movie- like climax with a message.

We have seen a lot of movies based on politics and its troll especially in recent times; for sure LKG is the best of all. Kudos to RJ Balaji and his friends who wrote the story.

The story is super simple. It talks about Lalgudi Karuppaiah Gandhi (LKG), the son of failed politician and orator (Nanjil Sampath). He is a local councillor from Lalgudi goes on to become the MLA.

LKG doesn’t want to end up like his dad, so, he takes his time to study politics, its loophole, and the short cuts. He understands the impact of the corporate in the Politics, hires political corporate strategist Sarala Munusamy (Priya Anand), convinces her to help him. He becomes famous through a funny song which gives him nation-wide attention and even gets a call for a debate show. The party leader who is impressed by LKG’s growth offers him an MLA post in the by-poll election. To become an MLA, he will have to defeat the veteran Ramarajan Pandian (JK Ritheesh). Can he defeat? This forms the crux of the story.

RJ Balaji who trolled every single movie during his Radio Jockey times knows that it will come back to him if the movie doesn’t work out, but he didn’t stress about it instead played himself in the movie. In LKG, you will see RJ Balaji’s persona and his wittiness that works well for the movie. RJ Balaji is in full form, and his timing sense gives us laughter.

The film is filled with various trendy references like the importance of meme creators, the recent political atrocities, and more such things which will definitely work with the masses.

I don’t remember when was the last time a heroine shared equal space with the hero. Now, that makes Priya Anand’s role in the movie special. As Sarala Munusamy, Priya Anand is super likeable and played her role to perfection. Priya Anand is like a lucky charm. She shared screens with Siva Karthikeyan, Mirchi Siva during the crucial time of their lives and now RJ Balaji.

Nanjil Sampath as LKG’s father is an interesting cast and he didn’t disappoint at all. Despite a few flaws, he pulls off the role well. Looks like the director Prabhu has extracted work from every single actor and everyone has done their part well.

The best part of the movie is there is no romantic angle despite a one-sided “romantic” song. The romance would have taken the focus from the point what the director wanted to convey here.

The Composer Leon James is probably one of the underrated music composers ever and once again he has given his best, adding a point to the movie. The 124 run-time is again a plus for the movie as it keeps the movie crisp and to the point.

Overall, this movie has various portions where you can laugh out loud and for sure you will remember the serious message conveyed in the movie.