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Jim Carrey slammed for his sexist remarks at journalist

February 13, 2020 | 18:13 IST | CineBuzz |

We are living in 2020 and we still have stars who think that it is appropriate to make sexist comments and easily get away with it.

The latest addition to the list is Jim Carrey.

Carrey said what he ideally shouldn’t have in an interview with Charlotte Long, a senior entertainment reporter with Heat Magazine.
In the interview, that Long posted on her official Twitter, she asked the Sonic the Hedgehog star that “in the film, Sonic has a bucket list, I was wondering, after all, you’ve done in your career and in your life, is there anything still left on your bucket list,” to which Carrey replied- “Just you, that’s it, it’s all done now.”
The interviewer took the unsolicited comment like a trooper and laughed it off by saying “I don’t know what to say to that.” However, the 58-year-old actor went on further and said: “Just own it”.

This certainly gained a backlash on social media where the people slammed the star for his comments.