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ISRO launches “Spy Satellite”; can pierce cloud cover

May 22, 2019 | 12:48 IST | Editorial |

During the early morning of Wednesday, Indian space agency ISRO scripted history by successfully launching earth observation satellite RISAT-2B that would enhance the country’s surveillance capabilities among others.

The RISAT-2B is equipped with a synthetic aperture radar that can take pictures of the earth during day and night, and also under cloudy conditions.

RISAT-2B uses X-band synthetic aperture radar that gives additional details such as the size of objects on Earth, structures, movement and change.

The officers quoted that this is a “very very important” mission for India.

With a mission life of five years, the satellite would also be used for military surveillance, ISRO sources told PTI.

The introduction of a new RISAT series satellite will enhance India’s defence capabilities to monitor the cross border activities.

This is the third space launch for India in 2019.

Earlier, India had launched Risat-2 in 2009 and Risat-1 satellites in 2012, which helped security and intelligence agencies to plan surgical strike in 2016 on terror launchpads in Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir and the Balakot aerial strike in February this year.