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“For the sake of this project, he gave up on a lot of things”: Dhruv Vikram about Vikram

November 23, 2019 | 12:37 IST | CineBuzz |

Actor Dhruv Vikram who is currently enjoying the success of Adithya Varma opened up in an interview about how Vikram helped him to deliver the best.

“I had no other option than trusting my dad. Everything was so new to me that I couldn’t afford to do anything on my own. My dad helped me to deliver my best. If you like my work, all the credit for it should go to my dad. At the same time, if you find my performance not up to the mark, I’m to be blamed for it.”

However, Dhruv did not have a smooth beginning as Adithya Varma was initially made as Varmaa with director Bala at the helm. The film was scrapped after it was completely shot and Dhruv had to reshoot the movie all over again.

The actor said that he trusted his dad’s decision. “My dad always had an intuition about how certain things would work in life. He chose Arjun Reddy remake to launch me and I have immense faith in his decision. For the sake of this project, he gave up on a lot of things. He didn’t just be there to ensure my portion was being shot well but he took out time to make sure everything on the project went smoothly. If he took out time just for me, it’d be selfish, but he actually spent so much time taking care of every little detail. Thanks to my dad, I may have earned easy access into Tamil cinema but I really can’t take the opportunity for granted,” stated Dhruv.