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Even my parents used to see my face and faint: Rangoli, Kangana’s sister, on acid attack

January 23, 2020 | 10:22 IST | CineBuzz |

Rangoli Chandel took to Twitter to appreciate her sister Kangana Ranaut who has been with her for years, worked hard to get her treated of acid attack.

Rangoli wrote: “I can never pay back what you did for me, at that tender age you were just 19 years old the horror of that accident even our parents couldn’t take they used to see my face and just faint they left but you stood by my side washed my wounds, worked day and night to pay for my treatment, and then after years struggle when things got better you buried your face in my lap and cried …. I am glad you did cause strongest people most often forget to share their pain… thank you Chotu,” she wrote in her tweets.

Earlier, Kangana spoke about how she had to do ‘tacky films’ so that her sister could get treated.

“I was just 19, on the threshold of a bright career, when the attack happened and it was a long, hard struggle to deal with this kind of perverse, sexist cruelty. Financially too, I was not strong back then. Girls around me would feel depressed by a bad hair day or because a meal was not to their liking. I was grappling with something far more real and yet had no time to sit and cry. I did tacky films, took on roles I did not deserve, accepted guest appearances, so my sister could be treated by the best surgeon in India. It took 54 surgeries.”
Recently, Rangoli tweeted about her attack and even revealed the attacker’s identity. In three separate tweets, Rangoli wrote: “My attacker’s name is Avinash Sharma, he was in the same college as me, we were in the same friend circle, he proposed to me I started keeping distance I didn’t share same feelings, he would tell people some day he will marry me. When my parents got me engaged to an Air Force officer he became very persistent about marrying me when I retaliated he threatened me to throw acid on me, I brushed such threats aside and never told my parents or went to cops this was the biggest mistake of my life.”

“I was sharing PG house with four girls, a young stranger came asking for me my friend vijaya said someone asking for you I opened the door, he was carrying a jug full of (acid)…and just then in one second CHAPPAK,” she wrote. She tweeted this around the time of Chhapaak’s release, which is based on an acid attack survivor.