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Doctors forget scissors inside a patient’s stomach!

February 09, 2019 | 17:18 IST | Editorial |

In a rather bizarre incident, Doctors of NIMS hospital forgot to take the scissors from the patient’s stomach after an operation.

On Friday, Maheshwari complained to her family about a severe stomach ache. Her family thought that the pain was due to the operation she had last year. Since the pain persisted, she rushed to take an X-ray.

When the report came, it shocked everyone as there was a scissor which is clearly visible in the X-ray.

Officials at the NIMS, who initially tried to cover up the incident, have now assured the victim and her family that the surgery would be performed free of cost.

A relative of Maheshwari said she was admitted for a hernia operation on October 30 last year, underwent surgery on November 2 and discharged on November 12. “She kept complaining on and off of stomach ache but we thought it was due to the surgery. Friday night she complained of severe stomach ache and we brought her to the hospital. The tests revealed that the surgeon forgot the scissors in her stomach during the surgery on November 2. We have complained to the Resident Medical Officer against the surgeon,” he said.

NIMS director Dr K Manohar said they will conduct an inquiry and take action.