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Court Verdict: ‘Thaadi’ Balaji-Nithya’s case gets a shocking closure

April 25, 2019 | 13:43 IST | CineBuzz |

Actor Balaji, famously known as Thaadi Balaji married his wife Nithya and they had a daughter named Poshika. Things did not go well with them as Balaji kept suspecting Nithya for an extra-marital affair and Nithya said that Balaji was giving her and her daughter murder threats.

However, the couple became close during their stint in the Bigg Boss and got together once again.

In a shocking incident, Nithya has yet again filed a complaint against Balaji for allegedly giving her death threats and alleging that Balaji is back to drinking heavily and abusing her and Poshika mentally and physically. She has also alleged that he brings his friends and rowdies to the house to drink liquor and they all spread defamatory stories about her on Whatsapp.

Thaadi Balaji, in a recent interview, denied all the complaints from his wife and said: “A wife must always feel proud when her husband achieves, but I have only seen jealousy in my wife’s face. Nithya was a full-on actor in Bigg Boss. When my child Poshika wanted me to see all by herself, she fought with the team and asked them to let her in too. If I’m heartbroken today and do not have a family, its because of Nithya and SI Manoj Kumar. They teach my kid to talk to me in a certain way and I’m pretty sure she isn’t safe with them.”

He added, “Let them not even show me my kind, but if Poshika is with Nithya, her future will be ruined and devastated.”

He concluded, during one of the hearings that his daughter Poshika is not safe enough with her mother and that the Court must consider handing over the custody of Poshika to him for her safe and secure future.

Now, after several hearings, the court has come up with a shocking verdict for the estranged couple!

The court has not provided Balaji with the custody of his daughter – she will be residing with her mother. However, Balaji would get to see Poshika once a week from 3 PM to 4 PM at his mother’s place where he has been residing.