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Bigil Movie | Review

October 25, 2019 | 11:37 IST | CineBuzz |

The most-awaited movie of the month, Bigil got released today, and the movie is winning hearts.

Starring Vijay and Nayanthara in the lead, the movie is directed by Atlee and is produced by AGS Entertainment. GK Vishnu took care of the cinematography and AR Rahman, the music.

If you looked at the trailer closely, you already would have predicted the storyline. Yes, the movie follows a predictable storyline but the team has done well to keep us all hooked.

In Mersal, GK Vishnu silently scored with the visuals. Bigil is equally brilliant. It is never easy to fit hundreds of people in a frame but GK Vishnu handles it with ease.

AR Rahman’s music, the background score, is a treat for the fans and Vijay’s dancing makes it pretty as well.

Nayanthara’s role as Angel is neatly done and her romance with Vijay, though is stretched, is enjoyable.

Doing Michael is like a cakewalk for Vijay. He is funny, youthful and definitely lovable. Vijay as Rayappan is one of the best-written roles we have seen in recent times. We wish to see Vijay more in a role like this rather than doing a Michael.

Coming to the supporting roles, Yogi Babu, Kathir, Vivek does well, and the real Singapennes, the players have their own set of scenes which are whistle worthy.

The major plus of the movie is Vijay and the way carries both the roles. The other cast and crew for stitching a good entertainer.

We shouldn’t be calling it as a negative but Jackie Shroff’s role is completely under-written. He deserved more.

This movie talks about Women empowerment in a calculative basis. Though it is not what it really is, we have to take it because of the current situation. Also, this movie is a break for all of us from the “loosu ponnu” kind of heroines.

Final Word:
Atlee’s Bigil is a predictable yet engaging plot. Paisa-worthy family entertainer this Diwali.