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Advice Bhagyaraj gave his son before ‘Shanthnu-Kiki’ marriage

August 21, 2019 | 12:26 IST | CineBuzz |

Actor Shanthnu married the love of his life, Kiki in a grand ceremony in 2015 and undoubtedly is one of the most adorable couples in the town.

During an exclusive interview to the WE Magazine Father’s day special issue, Bhagyaraj was asked about the advice he gave to Shanthnu during the marriage.

The veteran actor replied in a flash, saying: “what advice is there to give? Everyone gets stuck in a situation like this, some time in life, poor thing, he had to suffer a little early itself”

While talking about how his friendship evolved into marriage, Shanthnu revealed that he once got caught by his mother when he was out with Kiki while studying the eighth standard. His mother complained about the incident to his father who was at the shooting in Hyderabad at that time. The actor recalls the call he got from his father who did not scold him but had a proper man-to-man conversation with him. Bhagyaraj said that he could to the situation and asked Shanthnu to concentrate on the studies first.

Photoshoot: Shanthnu and Bhagyaraj