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Actor Karan finally opens up | Just Shrovv it

October 11, 2018 | 07:54 IST | CineBuzz, Editorial |

Thanks to the background score in ‘Kovambattur Maapilai’ movie, Actor Karan is trending now. The background score, ‘Shrovvv’ during a particular scene, became famous online mainly as a meme topic.

If you are in the Social Media, you couldn’t have missed the latest trends about the actor Karan.

He was trending so much that there were personalized T-shirts with ‘just shrovv it’.

Though the actor knew about all the trends, he avoided press meet and didn’t utter a word all these days.

While the fans are eagerly waiting for a public meet from the actor, he ‘preferred’ for a telephonic interview with our channel, We Talkiees.

Here’s his interview: